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Dec. 29, 2022



Wanna train your mind to see the good in people?

Before we get going let's face a few facts. Humans basically suck. A majority exist on a lower vibration. We encounter them everyday and we're not shocked by their ugly demeanor.

I learned how to manifest at an early age and over the years I've attracted amazing experiences and beautiful souls into my world. I visualized my wife long before I met her. I felt what it would be like to have a radio show, to stand on stage making people laugh and the hot lights of a television/movie set. I lived all of it before it appeared in the physical world.

I know without a doubt how powerful a mind is. The power has no prejudice between good and bad and unfortunately the easy default is to feel like a victim and to basically be an asshole. There's examples of this everywhere you go. The people with the bad energy are everywhere. They're online. They're in traffic. They're at your favorite coffee shop. They're rude, entitled and spend their days pissed off.

Fortunately you can flip the switch. You actually have a choice to see the world differently and it's surprisingly easy to turn the jerks you see on a daily basis into vapor.

This one simple exercise will train your mind to see good. Soon after you start everything in your life becomes more clear, happier and loving.

Get a journal or create a reminder on your phone. Look for random acts of kindness throughout the day and jot them down right when you see them. It could be someone holding the door open for a stranger or someone picking up some trash on the street. Try it for a week, a month or how about the entire year.

I guarantee this one simple exercise will brighten your life. Take note on how your own habits change. It will open up your life to new friends and amazing experiences and above all it will reaffirm that you're in control of your life, not those around you. Energy attracts energy.

I'd love to hear back from you and what you experience when you choose to see the good in people.

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