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Dec. 29, 2022


Wanna train your mind to see the good in people? Before we get going let's face a few facts. Humans basically suck. A majority exist on a lower vibration. We encounter them everyday and we're not shocked by their ugly demeanor. I learned how to ma…

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Over the years I've made little changes in my daily routines that have helped me get healthier, lose weight, make and save money as well as improve my mental state: WAKE UP AN HOUR EARLIER: Obviously with my radio show schedule this is somethi…

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Nov. 21, 2022


It's time to finally admit that I have a gift. I'm not special. Everyone has a talent or two. You know, the little things we do that when while we're doing them we say to ourselves - This is pretty fucking cool. Why don't I do this like ..…

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Oct. 31, 2022

The REAL U in 2023

We all know who we are deep inside. Sometimes its hard for others to see it. If you show the real you the doors of your new life will open. Take me for example. I've always wanted to do THIS show but I was too afraid of being judged. Fuck it. It's …

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